We are a flower farm in Laval, Quebec, responsibly growing cut flowers for the greater Montreal community.

By using bio-intensive methods, we can produce loads of flowers over a minimum area of land, while promoting biodiversity and maintaining soil fertility. We don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives because of their negative impacts, and to be honest, we don't need them. 

By keeping it local, we reduce our carbon footprint, we contribute to the local economy and since our flowers don't have to travel far, they are fresh, long lasting and we can grow some uncommon varieties that don't ship well.  

We could point to scientific studies that show they improve moods, or write an anecdote about bringing a bouquet to a loved one, but let's just admit, flowers emit positivity. We are as proud to have a positive effect on mental health with our flowers, as we are proud to positively effect our community with our farming methods.

Simon White
Malissa Levitsky

The farm is owned and operated by us, Malissa and Simon. Having recentely returned to Montreal, we are pursuing our passion for farming, taking what we love from our rural life and combining it with our desire to live in the city. 

Malissa learned from experienced organic farmers, working in different soils, on a range of scales and climates, from the east coast of Canada and rural Quebec, to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Simon comes from a long line of Prince Edward Island farmers. Growing up, he was either at the farmer's market with his mother, or working in the field and forest with his grandfather.

We both find a deeper meaning and purpose through farming, from the hard labour to its social contributions in the community via the market. After all, people need spaces to share ideas and find nutritional food, and flowers make us happy, so we need them too. 

After growing up on farms and spending years working the land we finally have our own field, our Homefield.